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Welcome to the inaugural Flavour Masters drinks competition!

This program is dedicated to True Flavour and brought to you by Mathieu Teisseire.

We invite you to take this journey with us to test your understanding of all things flavour and develop your knowledge & experience within the Food & Beverage industry.

If you progress through the competition you’ll gain insight into trends & information from some of the world’s leading flavour experts and become a part of a global community of drinks professionals.

Markets taking part in this year’s Flavour Masters competition: France, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Vietnam & China.

Jump in and be the champion who will win an incredible 3-day journey to Paris (Crolles & Paris), plus participate in the Global Finals with the national winners from other participating countries.

This is your moment to enter a community centred on flavour expertise, innovation and global advocacy.

The beginning of Mathieu Teisseire’s dedication to True Flavour began in the foothills of the French Alps with ripe, juicy cherries…and it has come a long way since 1720.

  • Create a drink which tells the story of when or where your passion for True Flavour first started, and where it is going next.
  • Take inspiration from the concept of “Newstalgia” – something new inspired by something old. Ingredients, tastes and aromas which have connections to you and places you have been, where True Flavour became meaningful to you…
  • The goal is not to simply highlight the past or to pay homage to it, but to take advantage of it to create something new that will flourish today and tomorrow.

What is your True Flavour

Your drink must include a minimum of 15ml of any Mathieu Teisseire syrup.
It can be a hot drink, a refreshment, a cocktail or zero-proof serve.

Click here to download more info about the competition.

We warmly invite you to participate!
Should you encounter any difficulties along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance to the marketing team of Rezos Brands, official distributor of Mathieu Teisseire in Greece:

Alexandra Georgiadou, Marketing Manager: +30697 502 4737,
Porfyria Alevra, Marketing assistant, +30697 303 7167,